Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Favorite Things Thursday!

Here we go with Carolyn's first My Favorite Things Thursday (MFTT?) over at Silly Happy Sweet!

I love the idea of this because I love trying new products!

Ok. My first fav currently is the Deva Curl System. I got my first "Deva Cut" months ago and won't need another for a couple weeks. I learned so much about curly hair I thought my head was going to start smoking. Ah-mazing.


My second current fav is Diet Snapple half and half. It's half iced tea and half lemonade. I don't like iced tea but love this. And buy 2 6 packs because you will panic when you get to your last one. From what I've heard.



And third is Too Faced Beauty Balm. I love easy make-up lately, and this is a bunch of things in one. Including SPF. I did try the Garnier one from Target and it was super greasy. Ewww.

Let me know your fav things lately!



AlliFerg said...

I will have to try the beauty balm, the easier the better - right?!

Stopping by from the link up :)

Autumn said...

I don't know if you've heard of birchbox...but I just recently jumped on the bandwagon:) It's a box of high end beauty products that you receive in the mail once a month for $10. I love surprise mail so I'm all in:)

Trixiegirl said...

@Autumn- I just joined Julep Maven. LOVE. I love the thought of Birchbox but I haven't jumped yet....yet. ;)

Lissa said...

I use Garnier's BB Cream..and love it! I will have to try the tea. Stopping by from the link up. :)

Carolyn said...

I have to try that tea. I love Arnie Palmers so this tea would be perfect for me. This link up was ALL worth it just for finding out about this tea. :)

Trixiegirl said...

@Carolyn-It's awesome. I get it at our regular Target (not super). Trop-a-Roca is awesome too.

k@ye said...

Now I'm eager to try that lemon tea drink! I love iced tea but not like those from McDonalds. I like it more like the Nestle's lemon iced tea taste. I'm not sure if youre talking about Garnier BB cream but I was meaning to try that due to good reviews...but now I'm having second thoughts. :) Thanks for sharing!

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Stopping by from the link up. I LOVE Deva Curl products. They're awesome aren't they? I used them religiously for a few years until I chopped my hair and straightened it every day. Now, I'm back to using Deva. I might have to try that beauty balm. I need something new. Thanks for sharing!