Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Favorite Things Thursday

I am linking up with Carolyn for My Favorite Things Thursday! Happy second week C!
Silly Happy Sweet
Ok I racked my brains for this week. Shouldn't be that hard, it's week 2! Lol
I want to have good ones. Here we go. With all 2 things.
SYTYCD. love. I will be a dancer some day. ;) And then I will wake up. I love this show. Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone?

And Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.

This stuff is good. I love lip gloss, but thought I would try this. The went back for more. It is super creamy. The "Cherry Pie" is good if you want a try a red but are nervous about red.

I just went to look and it's cherry tart. Not cherry pie. Lol

Tell me whe you are loving this week. Leave a comment!



k@ye said...

Lots of raves about this lip butter and I'm so eager to try! But everytime I'm at the store...I keep forgetting to get one. I will check that color when I get a chance, it's pretty! :)

-kaye @

Carolyn said...

I'm so getting that lip butter. SYTYCD sounds great. I once was a dancer but am much too old now. I'd get excited and pull something. ;) Thanks for linking up Katie--great suggestions!

~julee~ said...

I always get real excited for the new season of SYTYCD, but I can never seem to finish out the season.