Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog swapping' with Carolyn of Silly Happy Sweet!

"Blogland" can be an overwhelming place. So many successful, creative minds all over Blogland can make your glitter-covered glue guns spin! Sometimes all you need is someone in your position. Someone to ask you crazy questions or to just get a quick opinion. Someone who knows you aren't just "crafting" all day! Soooo, I guess I will share my blogger friend Carolyn with you. ;) We are blog swapping' today. So you can read about her below and see my interview over at her blog!
This is Carolyn. Isn't she so sunshiny?

Let's get this interrogation under way!

1. Describe yourself in 5 words:

Sensitive, loyal, prayerful, mama bear (protective), and OCD

2. Tell me about your business:

I have an online shop called Silly Happy Sweet where I sell handmade Rosie Rosy jewelry (custom necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, brooches, cuffs, magnets, and earrings). Every one of my pieces is uniquely made by my own hands!

3. Name 5 things you need to get through the day (family not included):

Prayer, a good run either outside or on the treadmill, my iPhone, my daily Diet Dr. Pepper, hugs from my loved ones (ok so I cheated, couldn’t help it!)

4. What is your favorite item from your shop and why?

I love my leather cuff bracelets. My Rosie Rosy cuff often gets mistaken for a watch but when people realize that it isn’t a watch, I always get compliments on how cute and feminine it looks. I wear my white cuff All. The. Time. It goes with EVERYTHING and I love the white against the brown leather.

5. What do you find the most surprising about a handmade shop and blog?

How much work it takes to promote it! My daughter got a postcard from Tim Tebow that says, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” That is sooo true and it is a constant reminder to me that although I get many compliments on my jewelry and believe in my product, I have to actually put in a lot of effort to get it promoted and marketed. I know it was meant to be a sports analogy but I’ll use it anyway.

I recently read this (LINK IS: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/rhonda-abrams-art-making-money-crafts/story?id=17068340 ) article that was pretty informative. I hope you’ll find it useful because it goes to show how much work you really have to put into a handmade business.

6. Any advice for others that want to do the same thing?

Oh please do read that article! I would add that you should develop a business plan. Create realistic goals for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. As you reach each date, assess if you are reaching your goals and determine if you doing all you need to do to make sure you make those goals. Don’t set unattainable goals. I set some high goals initially and my husband brought me back out of the clouds and told me that starting a handmade career is going to take time and I shouldn’t set such unreachable goals that will only discourage me when starting out. Turns out he was right!

7. Where do you see yourself in 3 years? Both personally and professionally.

Both of my kids will be in school all day. That in itself is weird to me because I have spent so many hours of every day surrounded by them. An uninterrupted shower is such a strange idea! Though they’ll be in school, I still hope to be home when they get out of school. My dream would still be a stay-at-home mom with a successful handmade business. I hope that is where I’m at in 3 years!

8. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Hmmmm. To pick just one is so hard. Ha ha! I love pizza. I have since I was small. I allow myself to eat pizza probably more than the average woman. I always feel guilty afterward when my fingers are fat from all the salt and all but that never seems to stop me from eating it. I like pepperoni pizza with mushrooms the best. I wish I could put olilves on it but my husband and children would gag.

9. Favorite TV shows?

I DVR the following: Project Runway, Top Chef, Survivor, The Bachelor, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Shark Tank.

10. Where did your blog name come from?

I tried to come up with a name that best described motherhood—the best parts of motherhood. I came up with the name when my kiddos were itty bitty. Silly Happy Sweet was the perfect name. Still is.


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