Thursday, August 30, 2012

Me and my peeps

I know it might surprise my friends, it won't...but this was me back in da day.


Similar to this face


Upper left of my peeps pile: Cabbit. Rabbit holding a carrot= Cabbit. E now has Cabbit. Lucky girl.


Cabbit was snugglin' a Chubble. See exhibit a. Laura, you are welcome.


All were surrounded by Cabbage Patches. Real or not.


The real question remains and I get this a lot.

What kind of sweatband is that???

Sadly, not a Trixiegirl. But I was young and didn't know better!

But I will give you this.

It's basically a celebrity to this blog.

It's Trixie. In the same sweatband.

I think know my mom is shaking her head right now wondering where she went wrong ;)

Have a great day!


1 comment:

Pammy said...

Oh but you are WRONG- sweet Katie- I have the biggest smile- okay- at 6:21 AM - I am laughing so hard!!! I see 'E' when I look at the first pic of you on the couch SURROUNDED by your loving Cabot and all your 'lovies'. Then I see how far ahead you were with the headband!! Even dressing TRIXIE in a headband!!..

No Katie- I am loving this blog entry AGAIN today- such a joy you are to my life and to everyone you meet!!