Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello Monday {new chapter}

I love doing Hello Monday, not just as a fresh way to start the week. But the person I link to, I admire. I see the love for her family, the beauty she sees in life and the business she runs as a mentor I can learn from. And she doesn't even know me. I'm linking up with Lisa today. :).


Not sure how to start this.

Ell starts kindergarten tomorrow.

Ell starts kindergarten.



Like for all day long.

Hello Kindergarten.

I can remember for the longest time I have wanted to help in my child's classroom. I want to be a room mom.

That's what they called it growing up.

Room Mom.

I want to be a part of the experience.

Not to much though.

I want it to be her own experience. Her own.

She's not old enough for "her own".

But she is.

She so is.

But this is so exciting. I am so happy for her to "get" this experience.


Hello Trixiegirl.

Time to really do this.

I have a lot to learn.

More time to put towards it.

I do know that I have support. Friends are superfans.

So much to learn.

But I love what I have learned.

And it is not easy.

But, I want the challenge. And I will do this.


So, we have the two girls of the house starting new chapters.

We will be awesome.

Because we can.





Pammy said...

Growing! Ah yes- that is what makes life so precious and fun! Learning! NEVER, EVER, EVER stop learning! I try to learn something new EVERYDAY- sure it can be a little thing but it is still learning. E has at her young age- that 'desire' to learn and latch onto any and all information. She knows it is FUN!! Never let anyone take that 'fun' of learning away from her.

As for you being a 'room mom'- enjoy!! You will see and 'learn' also. You will be amazed like dad and I were (are) amazed at what you were learning at such an early age.

Enjoy! Make the most of it! And remember ONE thing: BREATHE!! :) WE LOVE YOU ! Mom

Joni said...

You got this girls! So excited and happy for you both! Xoxo

Trixiegirl said...

@ PR-It's a new beginning for little E. :)

@Joni-get back here! xoxo