Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY-school desk edition


My deck is feeling empty...
This little $4 "estate sale" beauty isn't airing out its natural odor any more.
I use the term estate sale loosely.
So after a short two months, no more natural basement musty smell pouring out of her.
I had hopes to put it in E's room.
As a lazy crafter, was I going to sand this? Um no.
I was going to go to the store I shouldn't go to and buy 2 bottles of this.
Classic Gray.
2 coats
Badda Bing
It's in her room now.
I need to get a chair still. But she makes it work.
It's so cute seeing her with a little desk for drawing pics or writing letters.
Mom how do you spell "sorry?"



Pammy said...

Great job Katie and lucky E!!!!! What a great mommy you are- and I love that she likes to use her new desk. :))

shelley said...

So crafty woman!