Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pony up!

It's as common as mom jeans (unfortunately), snow in MN or kids asking for a snack.
I'm talking about the ponytail.
Can be cute. Can be sassy. Can be a totally necessity.
So why not add something a little subtle to make it special.

These little cuties are for any pony.

Buy a couple for "just because" presents.

Wrap one up for someone.

Just because.

They are available in the patterns above AND all normal solid colors (not pictured).

Sooo, you think a special deal is a good idea? Ok. I'm easy.

Now thru Friday, September 7 @12:00am CST

For every 4 Button Pony Holders purchased, I will include a Button Bobby Pin for


No code needed during check-out. I will pick a cute one out and include it.

So, have fun and thank you as always!!! Xoxo

1 comment:

Pammy said...

These are just the cutest!! Love the colors!!