Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday! Good to be back to some sort of schedule. Even though no schedule is awesome sometime. It takes us so long to bounce back.

Like maybe I should clean the car out. Uhhhhh.

I am linking up with Lisa today!

Hello to Open House week! So much to do. I do a lot the day of the Open House however...;) I need to finish orders and get ready for a lot of back-to-school orders!

Hello to getting back to the gym after being on vaca.


Hello to nesting.

I have a dear friend who knows her house makes people nest (aka get ride of half of the junk they don't need) when the get back to their own houses. Love it.


Hello to a new chapter in life. For E and us.


Hello to some more pics of Trixiegirl at the Olympics! I wonder if Mr. Guard-man likes this one! Take that!


Hello to this book. I am only on page 4. The cover makes me happy

I am SURE they talk about pictures making you happy somewhere in the book. Because this makes me VERY happy. Lol

Have a great week! What Trixiegirl item are you going to get someone for Christmas? Get it checked off your list!





Pammy said...

Let me know how the book is! As for the tic tac toe-ilet pic- You are the winner of one for your yard. It will be arriving soon!!!

We loved having you with us!!!

the domestic fringe said...

I read that book too! Great hello's on your list. Best wishes on your Open House.

Visiting from Lisa's...