Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19: Questions to ask your kids

"Joni, my mom talked to a man at the door once. Then he came back today and we hid from him and we didn't answer the door!"
Thanks Ell. How nice of you.

Have you every seen "Kids Say The Darnedest Things?" It was the one that Bill Cosby hosted and ask kids random questions? It reminds me of sitting in my friend's classroom while she teaches. I love listening to the things the kids say. Lol.

Below is the list I found and then you can make your own list! Unless you want to ask all 100 questions....You know kids love to talk about themselves!

I found a great list of fun question.

Tell me a funny answer once you ask someone a question!
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Pammy said...

Oh and there was a program before Cosby by Art Linkletter where' Kids say the darndest things' (sp).

You - my dear- were at the top of the list of things that were said when you were Ella's age!! lol