Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: How to pull off "Arm Bling"

Have you seen arm bling pics like these?


Maybe you love them. Maybe it's too much for you. Maybe you wonder how to make it work for you.

Here Is what some of my bling looks like.


How can you make sense of it!!!!! (insert sarcasm)

Here are 3 of my favs together. All family heirlooms.
But wear them! They do the world no good in a drawer.
Grandma, Trixiegirl, Gift from Hubs from India
Kinda blurry from my phone.
Grandma, from MI, Target, Gap, Dominican Republic, grandma, Jcrew

So, pile on a few, or a bunch. Use Pinterest as a guide. There are tons of great inspiration pics.

Don't forget Trixiegirl for cuffs!





Pammy said...

Katie- these are great pics!! Grandma would be so proud and happy to hear you say- " Don't leave them in a drawer- wear them'!!!!! They look great on you!!

Mark said...
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