Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29: Fabric acorns

So maybe some of you get magazines in the mail.  Maybe some of you get your secret amazon orders...;)
 I get this:

You know have a problem when you get excited that your parents have sent you a box of acorn tops thru the mail.  I'm sure we have them here in MN, but it's funnier now that I know how they were collected.  My mom and her friend would stuff them in their pockets when they walked in the morning.  lol.  Hope this does you proud mom!  :)

I had found this cute blog and they had done this little craft. 

From DIY Louisville (click for how-to pics)

You need:  acorn top, small fabric circle sized according to how large or small your acorn top is, needle, thread, stuffing, hot glue gun
Sew a running stitch around your circle, stuff with stuffing, pull thread to cinch closed and knot, use hot glue around the entire acorn top, attach.  For the burlap, I didn’t sew the top at all.  I simply filled the circle with stuffing, pinched everything tight, and glued the acorn top in place.
Here is the final result of the couple that I did.  I didn't sew them at all.  I just twisted, smashed and glued. I think they would be super cute on the T-Day table!  I also think they look like macaroons....;)

I love me some squishy acorns.


Pammy said...

lol- Oh proud I am!! You are amazing!! I never really paid attention to acorn tops until you mentioned it. Just think of those busy busy squirrels taking the acorn apart! They must be mighty strong!!

I am sure that if I look deep in the pockets of my coat there may be a few more 'lurking' and wanting to come visit you in MN.

Cute Cute!!

~julee~ said...

Yay! They turned out so cute!

I'm glad you were able to use our tutorial - thanks for linking back to us. I think I'll use your method of skipping the stitching next time. I know it will save tons of time! I'm going to share this with our Facebook readers.

julee @

Trixiegirl said...

You never know what I will have you do next...

Trixiegirl said...

Julee I am a lazy crafter. Lol. Love your blog and follow it on Bloglovin too!