Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: Packing tape made pretty

Welcome to Day 9 of

I know that some of you might not send out a lot of packages or mail any more.  But even with the holidays coming up, you can still make mail look a little pretty.  Something that I am loving more and more, is packaging up my orders to be mailed.  With the internet and Pinterest (follow me here), there is so much inspiration for making things special.  A little special touch to let people know they aren't just a person you are mailing or just an order. (unless it's your heating company in the middle of winter in MN...)

I saw this cute idea

You use lace under packing tape instead of just plain packing tape.  I grabbed some lace, but mine was too thick.  So I thought of all of the ribbon that I have and came up with this:

Headband ready to ship!


Some leopard ribbon is a nice little surprise when they flip it over!

                                       Have a great day!  Some new cuffs coming this week.....:)
 And maybe some new headbands....

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Pammy said...

I love this idea and can't wait for my 'special' package from you!!!