Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10: Pencil vase

Hello day 10 of


I have wanted to do this for someone special for a while now.

It's super easy. You need:
A vase or can
Glue gun
I used fabric, lace, ric rac, twine, Trixiegirl flowers, a button and a tiny clothes pin.
Here is my version:
It has the perfect message for my friend right now. Inspire. Because she will.
She does for us already.
Check out The Nester for a ton of awesome blogging ideas for 31 days!


sf said...

Of course you made this, my talented friend. Just so you know, you inspire too.

Pammy said...

This is awesome. What a lucky friend !!
You are such a sweetie and help so many!

Trixiegirl said...

Thanks "sf" ;)

Trixiegirl said...

Too bad I already have your christmas present....;)

squabee said...

Adorable!!! You are so crafty! And inspirational! And pure love! XOXO