Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: DIY Mercury Glass

Hello and welcome to Day 11 of 

To be honest, it seems like a lot more than 11 days! 
 I give true bloggers a lot of credit.  
It's a lot of work!  lol.    
Whah whah whah right?

So, for today's Pinterest item, I chose a Mercury glass project.
I love Mercury glass.  But, it can be a little pricey.  
About a year ago, I learned about a spray paint that has the look of mercury glass. 
I got mine at Michael's with a coupon.  Ask where they sell it because I think it's in a funky place.

It thought, if this works, I will Mercury glass the windows on my house. 

Here is the pinterest pin that has the best step-by-step.
Still thinking, "please let this work"

                                           Source: via Katie on Pinterest

This is the second little candle holder that I made.  I'm still not in love with the outcome,  but I think it's a learned process.  I did learn that "wiping" the excess away (read the pin above) with paper towel, makes it look like you "wiped it away with paper towel".  Blot it.  

But, the little candle holder was $1.00 at the Dollar Tree, so I think it will be worth it!

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