Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New collection!

This weekend I went to my favorite fabric "stores". Sometimes I have a list of fabrics that I am looking for. Sometimes I just am happy to grab a yummy coffee and go there to be inspired by something. I usually end up watching someone that is overwhelmed in this small 30,000 sq.ft warehouse. I think "Don't do it. Let them be". But somehow me staring at them lets them know it's ok. I will help them. ;)
In between talking to random people, I found some great fabric. Here is a peek at the first set of goodies that come from it. They will all be in the shop later today!
~Three rose headband~

Three button adjustable cuff {total must-have!!!}
Fabric-covered button earrings in 2 choices
Bobby pin with mini flower {available with button also}

And don't forget....


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Pammy said...

Fun Fabrics! I HAVE to go to the fabric warehouse but also WITH COFFEE!!