Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's in your bag?

Have you ever seen the posts that people put online about what is in their purse/bag/manbag, etc?  I am always intrigued for some reason.  Sometimes it helps me get a good organization idea or it might just be a good motivator to clean the endless pit pretty purse out.  Sometimes I see something more to add to my purse.  So, I dumped it out and took pics for ya.  Do I feel better?  Sure.  Do I think I have too much stuff in my purse?  Maybe at the end I do...:0

First pic is "health" related. From Left:
Rosebud Salve, SANTA LISTEN UP, it's almost gone.  
Cute pill box on top from Round Barn Potting Co.  
Sunnies 1 and 2 
Trident.  My new fav.  Cherry and Lime

Business card holder from a store that closed in MI
My square
Notepad from Target.  With pen that I can never find.

Glove-mittens from Target
Wallet from Thirty One
My new fav-diy cuff
Car key fab
My hand, lifeline, phone

Bag from Thirty One

Here is where things might look a bit hairy.  
Some people keep their lip goods in the bathroom. 
 I keep them in my purse.  
So there.

Some of my favs:
MAC Lip Glass (clear glue love it)
Korres lip balm (thank you Delta!)
Benefit Watt's Up (travel size)
Jemma Kidd cream blush from Target

Ed Hardy purfume (travel size-empty)
tide stick

Do you have a favorite brand/type of lipstick/gloss?  Share with the class!

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sf said...

I now love that gum too, it's amazing! I like to read those posts too, usually from famous people. I've seen your collection of lip gloss/lipstick. You always look good.

Trixiegirl said...

"sf"-Ty. If you could only see me now...