Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Monday!

Do you ever look forward to a Monday to decompress from the weekend?  I'll take this one for the team.  Here is what I'm looking forward to.  Kind of like my "to-do" paper (as Ella puts it).

Hello to new products.  This one has been asked for in the past.  Check back later today....:)

Hello to Nacho Night at school!  We snuck in last year, so this time it's legit!  I like to see Ell in her school element.  And nachos don't hurt either.  

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Hello filling a cracked tooth.  How old am I?  What is going on???  Anywho.  Get 'er done.

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Hello to a complete house de-clutter.  Yuck.  I have a list and gave myself until Thanksgiving to get it done. If you don't see me, come look in the "linen" closet.

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Hello E, M and bebe C!  I can't wait to fly into St. Louis to see one of my favorite families in the universe.  And that's a big place.  I can't even go into detail all of the things I love when I go there.  But I will a little:
Seeing some Carney's and Lynchs. A lot I hope.
Tiny food
GoodWill jewelry basket
Tomato bisque soup
Rolly baby legs
Sucking baby face
Taking baby home....
Putting mascara on said baby...I'll stop now

Beautiful Charlotte then:

Look out dad, the boys are callin'! Look at me now!

Remember the Trixiegirl Open House is coming up on December 2 from 1-3.
Contact me for address info!
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Free shipping thru December 15!

Have a great Monday!
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sf said...

Love the hat.

Pammy said...

Very cute hat!

Looking forward to lunch with a dear friend!!!