Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Help me pack!

It has become an ongoing joke with me and my bf about my packing. When I go somewhere, either I don't pack enough or I overpack. For my honeymoon, I made asked her to plan my outfits for every day I was gone. She did and I looked guuud!

I can help other people get dressed and help them pack. But when it comes to myself "forgettaboutit"!

I feel like I have gotten better, but it always comes back to "well at least I packed my black cardi".

Could my camera phone be any grainier? That's another story. But I am wearing it right now.


So to get some inspiration for a little weekend trip tomorrow, it turned to my trusty friend P. (Pinterest)

Here are some cute packers that get me inspired. I CAN DO THIS!

( source )

( source )


( source)


What are your good tips for traveling for a short trip?

I have to go wash my black cardi. Have a good day!


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