Friday, November 2, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted some good ole random pics! How bout it???
Me and Miss Stella. I would like half of her style. But we do have matching Trixiegirl headbands!

EqwA sign in my craft room from the loved Destination Art
A bobby pin order on my grandma's sewing basket.
Holding hands.
A donkey nose. :)
My beautiful family.
I can make my sandwich mom!
Can I wear fake eyelashes all the time?
Nightmare to me.

Have a great TGIF!!!!


Friends who stopped by!



Pammy said...

Love your blog!!! The pics are such fun!!!

Trixiegirl said...

P_Thanks. I love my #1 reader. ;)

Leah J said...

Love every one of these pix. And, I think it's Stella who wants to emulate YOU!! xo