Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meet Lori Miller of The Round Barn Potting Co.!

You see me mention the "Round Barn" in my blogs.

I thought I'd bring you the woman behind it.

Lori Miller, Renaissance woman. :) And she's funny.Read it and it will be a little motivator to do more in your day.

TG: Tell me a little about yourself:
LM: About me..... I am a nurse by trade, I work with 3 Cardiac Surgeons in town...I have for 25 years....boy I am old. I operate with them - first assist at the chest and take vein for them, do pre-op and post-op visits, round on the patients in the ICU and step-down units, do discharges and any other random office job that needs to get done. This job includes lots of on-call hours for emergency surgeries.... we cover all open heart procedures at North Memorial and Hennepin county medical center (in MN)

I also own the Round Barn Potting Company. I have my own greeting card company,
Lori Miller Vintage design. I am an artist...I have sold my work and am a photographer, stylist, consultant.....

whew.... I have a husband and two grown - boy children. We have a beautiful, but maybe not so well trained, German - Husky mix, Bella.
Love them all.

Me, I like my hair short and messy....when I go to the salon I tell my Corey " make it look messy and expensive!!" I prefer to look more like an artist then a professional...I wear layers of tee- shirts, have holes in my jeans, fingerless gloves are a must, TONS of jewelry....and nothing needs to match. I grab and get me as I am.

My interests... hummm... really depends on the day. My A.D.D. keeps me going.... seriously, I could be ga-ga over something and then Poof ...I'm done with it. a good vintage sale with pieces I am only attracted too.... my Barn....Books.... all books... I want to publish myself one is on the bucket list.... see just reading this again makes my head spin....out of control.

TG:Tell everyone more about this barn you speak of...
LM:The Barn I speak of.... I am a shopper, love to find funky venues and drift through, hunting for friends would come to my house and I would hear over and over, you need to open your own store....your style is amazing....blah, blah, blah..... I decided to do just that....enough of being on emergency heart call for the rest of my life.... It took me a year of searching for the right space...the perfect venue.... and one day I did. The Round Barn soon became mine.... I had to start my own deal though with my own Brand so Lori Miller's Round Barn Potting Company was born in May of 2007. Unfortunately, my assistance at the hospital was still doc's are very possessive. :)

"I strive to make my Barn different then any other shop.

My goal was to have a destination shop.... where people travel to get to me AND they do!!!

North and South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, farthest is Okinawa....Japan!!!"


TG: What is going on in the barn right now?
LM:The Barn right now....Transition to Full- Blown is a time when the Barn out shines all other places. It will be done for the Premier on Nov 3-4 ..... A funky venue in Andover....what more could a girl ask for!!!

TG: Pick one favorite item in the barn right now. One.
LM: My Favorite thing at the Barn right paper fringe Christmas trees.... yesterday it was my gray flannel owls....the day before my little mice from Denmark....then it was my felted wolf ornament.... fringed garland.... I could go on and on....I buy everything for myself and love everything at the Barn, but everyday I love something else more then the day before.


TG: What are the hours of the RB? Do you ship items?
LM: We are open every day....Our hours flow with the Customers.

Sun - Monday 12 - 5pm

Tue - Thurs 10 - 6 pm

Fri and Sat 10 - 5 pm.

We started shipping product because of the Blog's success and now Facebook is generating sales. I hit the post office at least twice a week... Shirley, Beth and Keith know me by name....they are so sweet at my post office. I mainly ship US but I have sent goods to Canada and Australia.

TG: How to you have time to do all that you do?
LM:Balance.... I have always been one to juggle my time well... job, kids, school, husband, friends.... you just do what you can during the time you have and all else waits for the next day. Again, my ADD keeps me bouncing from one thing to the next.... my Grandma Lois used to say, " don't stress over things that can be done tomorrow".... that is how I role...when I'm tired I go to sleep. When I wake up I go like a mad man. Simple.

TG: If you had one day free, what would you do?
LM: one free day.... It would depend on the weather... hot sunny day I would love to spend it at my pool planting, reading a book and floating .... cold and rainy I would love to spend it eating and reading and catching up on my TV the dramas!!!
A day walking the streets of Paris or New York or even Minneapolis....I am a sucker for side walk cafes and bars.... love to eat - drink - people watch and of course TALK.... I need my girl friends!

Thank you Lori for being so motivating! And for taking the time to do this for Trixiegirl!!!

Friends who stopped by!



Pammy said...

I LOVE the Round Barn and I am so glad that you took me there on our first visit to Andover. If you have never been there my question to you is : WHY NOT?- Come on get to Minneapolis and drive out to Andover ( short drive) then plan on having a GREAT time shopping. Don't walk around the Barn once or even twice! There is so much to see- look high and low- under tables and hanging from the ceiling and on top of cupboards. Wish I was there to see the Christmas items. :)

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

Miss K.
I thought you would maybe do some editing know how I ramble on...

Thanks or the shout out...see you soon.

Remember shop local!

Trixiegirl said...

LM-That's what people want to read! I did edit it...a little. :)