Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A "feel better when you are sick" post

I'm going to give you a go-to guide on how to make it thru the worst head cold/sinus crud/whoknowswhat. I'm going to try not to complain, but since its my blog, I can! This is super not fun. Let me share things that make me smile on a sick day.

1. Get a big old can of something like this. It's goooood. And keep drinking. I'm an M.D. also.

2. Find the tv remote and rent a movie. Yes I know it was $5.99. Maybe you will forget how awful you feel when you are watching awful acting in Pitch Perfect! La la la!

3. Try to pump yourself up for the Bachelor season premiere. Even though you know you will be asleep by then. And I am not very excited about Sean.

4. Eat 2 chocolate ww muffins that Joni made. Or that anyone made. Maybe you can't taste them, but that's ok.

5. Get some fresh air. Even if its just to go to the bustop. Try to look alive.

This is what we look like in 'sota in the winter.

6. End the day, start the day, any time of day...steam it out!

P.S. I am also using Musinex and essential oils. Let's get this crud an evacuation notice.

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