Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New hats with their inspirations

I love looking at color combos online. I have a couple of folders on Pinterest just dedicated to color combos and inspiration that I use for Trixiegirl. So I thought I would share some of my new hats and the inspiration behind them!

The hat below has a couple of my fav colors : mustard and grey. I just love them. I couldn't put a huge diamond on the hat like the the one on her hand, so a pretty white flower will have to do. ;). Oh and the dress is to die for right?

Here is pic of some little containers that I found. They're an example of some colors that I wouldn't pic out to go together, once I saw them, they were great together. They would work great in an outfit too!

Oh this combo really makes me smile. I just thought this picture had such beautiful greens in it and wanted to use them in a hat.

Don't forget to look around you during your day to get inspiration.
What inspires you today?

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