Friday, January 18, 2013


Happy Friday!! How was your week?

Here is a little recap of my pics from the week.

Did you see how clean the craft room was in these pics my post about where I create?

I am making some bands with these colors for the shop. Back to basics!

I saw this book cover at the library. I couldn't agree more. Are you a folder or a roller? 
Don't worry, Martha doesn't read my blog.

I just kept grabbing books!!! All very important for research.

Uhmahga. Imagine. Creamy crushed up gingerbread spread. Not sure what to put it on except the spoon so far. I'll keep trying.

I learned how to use my photo box!! Now I can take some purty pics of Trixiegirl!

Class, please look at the forecast for Monday. 

This is the face from when I looked at that forecast.

Have a great weekend and start stashing your canned goods! I am linking up with Jeannett today!

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Pammy said...

Ohhhh nasty forecast BUT love your hat!!!!!