Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello Monday and a video

Happy Monday! 
Hello MLK Jr Day!
I know there are a lot of happy kids that don't have school.  But it's like -13 right now with a windchill of-32.  Huh?  What did I do to deserve that!  ;) 

Hello to a fun link-up and getting a little deep at the end of the week. 
Time to share some thoughts about my life.

Hello to lunch with friends. 
I'm going to soak it in and try not to babble about my appreciation for them.

Hello to new ideas. 
I'm toying with a new product idea.  We shall see.  But in the mean time, I have some headbands on sale for you! $12 for a choice of 10 colors!!!!  Can't beat it.  Check it out.  And if you enter the code freeship I'll pay for your shipping. :)

Hello cute video.
I thought I'd share a little part of a video that I took of E the other day.  It's pretty cute.  She learned about MKL in school and is very impressed with what he did.  We are beyond blessed with the education she is getting. 

Have a great day.  xo  Katie

I'm linking up with Lisa today.  She makes pretty things.  :)

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Pammy said...

We are so proud of you!!! Mama's CAN say that!!!!