Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sock Bun

I have seen videos of these sock buns that girls do on YouTube.  But I've disregarded it because I've had short hair.  Now that my hair is getting a little longer and in an awkward length stage, I thought I'd try it!  Look at the steps she uses, in addition to my award-winning steps (link under the picture)

Now onto the Trixiegirl version.  Which I might add includes a girl that can't figure out a camera, how to just take off her nail polish and takes brutally amazing pictures.

Here is where the awards come in.  Flash?  not needed.  Polish?  totally disguisting and chipping.  Crow's feet?  Well they are smile lines so let's get on with it.

This is how long my hair is.

Now here is the result.  Iphone quality, sorry.  I think this works amazingly.  My hair is too short on the bottom so I had some whispy hair sticking out.  How do people take pics of the back of their heads?  This was a full workout.  Maybe they ask others for help.  ;)

It's so much easier to take a picture of the front!

Have you tried this before? 

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