Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tell Your Story {a link-up}- Surrounded Yourself

Back story.  About 13 years ago I moved away from my home in MI for my "job".  I moved for a job transfer.  To be near the boy I loved.  Ok, it was for the boy I loved and it just so happened to work out for a job transfer.  :)

It worked out.

That's him below.   He's mine.  ;)

As we settle in to our "perfect for us" life, I have learned ways to help from missing my family so much.

Granted I have Facetime and the phone, I still love having this collection of my family around me.  I have learned to surround myself with family items passed down to me from family members. {I can't say that I would have wanted any of this "stuff" when I was in my 20's}.  But I love them now.  They make me feel closer to the family that is states away or no longer with us.

Whether its a family recipe in my grandma's handwriting or in a frame, I try to surround myself by the things that have been loved by others.  Things that are now mine to share.

An old milk jug

Some of my beautiful Grandma Pat's jewelry. Including button bracelets!  So fun!

I put old family and wedding pics around the house.  

Some newly passed down stemware.

My great-grandma's hot chocolate pot.  Um, how cool is that?

Our newest old addition.  Ollllld skis from a great-grandparent.  Or great-great. ;)

I never would have imagined feelings for these old items when I was younger.
But I'm so lucky that I have items to go along with awesome memories and support.

How do you keep from missing your family?

I am linking up with Andi from The Hollie Rogue. Share your story with us and link-up!

The Hollie Rogue

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