Friday, February 8, 2013

Pics of the week

TGIF friends. I realized this morning that the coffee I have been drinking, has about a drop of caffeine in it. So I bought a box of 100 k-cups at Costco of "breakfast blend". My friend Joni said she is glad I got my "situation" figured out (aka I'm crabby). I am happy about that. And the 25th antibiotic for this coughing that I've had for 5 weeks.

This week was a good week for this creative brain. Here is some lacey goodness for you.  I love these pieces because they can be worn to in a wedding or with jeans and a cute black cardi.  That's in reference to my obsession.  I dread summer because I can't wear it.  ;)

Most of the time this is how much space I have to work on my desk. I'll work on that.

But within that mess came these little beautes!!!!  Super simple and comes on a bobby or alligator clip.  And a super great price....

I'm so in love with Salsa Lisa.This is what you call a jackpot at Costco.

A great crockpot recipe that I will share next week! "Lasagna Soup"

This lip goodness. I was supposed to send this to my mom. Here ya go mom. Better late than never.  Do I have 2 different eyes?  Hmm.

Little girls in aprons. Making cookies. Swoon.

E wrote this for her teacher. I love her more now. 

Xo Katie

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Pammy said...

Thanks for te lipstick Katie!!! Lol

Have you been drinking decaf? I can't tell the difference- !!!

Such memories are being made DAILY at your house!!! You are my blessing sweetie.

Keep E writing. Her sentences are priceless and powerful!