Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter tubing trip

We decided to head out on a little family get away (1 hour is a get-away right?) on Saturday.  We went snow tubing.  In MN, you have about 3 minutes in the summer if you want to go water tubing, then it turns back to winter.  So, snow tubing it was!

Looks harmless right?  It's a hill with Crisco on it.  In my mind.

Me and my goose.  Before she left me in the dust to do it by herself.  I'll remember that.

The real us.

My family!

Are you tired?  Buck up, we have another hour to go.  :)  Or maybe it was the 1lb bag of fruit snacks you just had.

Want a snack?  hmmm.

We think this is when the fever set in.  Time to go.

In closing (lol), it was a blast.  This mom wanted no spin (thank-you sir), no fast lanes and a snack in between.  That's how I roll.

What winter activity is your favorite?  If it involves a beach because you are in CA, lie to me.  ;)



Joni said...

I guess sledding since I haven't skied in years. Looks like you guys has fun! Xoxo

Pammy said...

My favorite is snow shoeing. I just can't find anyone to go with me! I love the tubing pics!!! but then I love ANY pics of you guys!!!!!