Friday, February 15, 2013


 I found some pics to wrap up the week that I didn't post in some social media! Which is a miracle! Sorry I was MIA for a couple days.  It was a busy week!

A couple weeks til a group of us see Mr. Levine in concert!!!  I like to keep it real with the blurry tv pics.

A little huge milkshake while we watched some friends on the Family Feud this week!

I will never get enough of her bubble toes.

Addicted. Hey it's veggies right? Are they bad for you?

There is nothing more beautiful to me than hearing her learn to read.

Sweetened passion tea. Trenta. Aka huge size.

Happy Pixie Stick Day! (Please make it endddddd)

The train wreak was sent packing on the Bachelor!

Have a great weekend! Use code"loveya" for 50% off anything in the Valentine section of the shop!

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Pammy said...

Oh reading is just the best feeling! She will never get enough and that is a good thing!!!!

Tape her voice reading!