Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

We have Monday and Tuesday off of school. Hello to mucho coffee!



Hello fun orders! I am having a fun and really appreciate them! Thank you!



Hello to a sleepover with my favorite boys. Like family. In a different bedroom. Take a breath. ;)



Hello to a big weekend coming up. But that's all I can say. She reads this, acts like she isn't sneaky and acts like a little sweet angel. You don't fool me but it will be fun!!! Hope she cleans up at least....



Hello swimming lessons. My girl is never happier than she is when she is in the water. I'm starting to look for that sparkle when she does things. And I don't know how this pose is comfortable or where it came from.


What are your plans this week? Or no-plan days are always good too...

I'm linking up with Lisa today!



Pammy said...

What a fun and busy week you have 'planned'.

Love the water bug!!! Hm I wonder where that pose came from??!!! Lol

Coffee!! YES!! Lots. ( decaf of course)!

Relay For Life kickoff with your grandpa on Wednesday. Lets help kick cancer.

Working on a fun pair of knitted socks!! Warm!!

LJ said...

YOU are sneaky!! - fess up. Where are we going? And, I don't 'act'- I'm just like Mother Theresa with a little Lena Dunham mixed in. ;)

Leah said...

P.s. if Mark can't get my discontinued coffee mugs, I'll take yours. :)