Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weird food combos

They make you happy, other people's make you squirm and it's time to share 'em. It's time for weird food combos time. I have a couple that come to mind. They aren't my fault. I could place blame on a certain couple people, but I won't. ;)

This is one I still eat. I had it for lunch today. I try to push it on people. One person that is expected to eat it at this point is my father-in-law. He acts like he doesn't love it, but I know he does. Right Dad K?

Here it is:


Baked beans and cottage cheese. Yes together. The hot and cold together is amazing. If you like both, try it.

Another one that I remember, was mayo on grilled cheese. Mmmmm healthy!

Now it's your turn! Talk me onto trying your favorite weird food combos!



Pammy said...

Grape jelly on scrambled eggs- but YOUR dad made me stop!! Lol now it is Salsa on my eggs!!!

sf said...

Jeff eats pancakes with peanut butter and applesauce spread over the top. Farm food, I'm guessing.
Pam, scrambled eggs with salsa is standard in our house. I will also add refried beans to that and roll it into a tortilla. Delicious.

Trixiegirl said...

Don't listen to him!!

Trixiegirl said...

I think that farm food sounds good!