Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review of App BlogGo!

Let me tell you about someone that has helped me lately! Her name is Dana and she writes a blog called Wonder Forest. Here is a little about her:

Dana is a great blogger and shares so much information about the blogging world. She makes it easier to figure blogging out, tackle social media and what to expect out there in blogland.

Then she goes and comes out with a book, Blog Wonderful. Easy to buy and keep right at your fingertips!

And now, because her brain doesn't turn off, her app recently came out! It's called BlogGo for Blogger and it's for anyone that blogs on Blogger. BlogGo makes it easy to blog from anywhere!

If you use Blogger, you know that an app that can help you blog from anywhere is priceless. I love the ease of it and even more that you know who is the face behind this brand. She puts her heart into her work and will answer any questions you have.

Give it a go! Or tell any blogger you know about it!

Xo. Katie

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