Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 thrifting tips

It's no secret that I love a thrift store.  Thrift store, consignment store, garage sale, estate sale.  It's all heart-racing fun to me.  I love finding uses for things other than their intended purpose.  And as I get older I love the sentimental piece of items more.  Especially from my own family.  Knowing that I have something that has been used and loved in my families past makes my heart smile. 

I think it's funny when my friends say "I want to go with you shopping sometime" or "what stores do you shop at to find all of this stuff?"  Secret reveal: anywhere and everywhere.  Astonishing I know.  But here are a few tips to help you out if you don't want to take me.  I can talk a lot and am overwhelming even to myself at times.  ;)

1.  Never give up.  Dora knows best.  Just because you don't find what you are looking for doesn't mean it's not out there.  It will take time to find things you are looking for.  It took me 2 years for these babies:

2.  Know your local stores and their sale schedule.  It's not complicated and can help you score things you might find at a better price!  And if you go with your mother-in-law she will get you her senior discount!  xo Mom K!  And if you are garage-saling, don't be afraid to ask for a bundle deal or a lower price.  Just don't insult them.  ;)

3. Think outside of the box.  If you like a piece that you find, but maybe don't like something about it, it can be changed.  A color, a button, a style etc.  Change it!  Remember this $4 smelly school desk?  A little sunshine and spraypaint is all it took.

4. Go alone.  Though a good garage-saling friend is a great thing to have, I think doing stores is great alone, thinking time!  With a coffee.

5. Don't be grossed out.  Things can be cleaned, sanded, washed.  Wash it twice if it makes you feel better!   And a lot of times things come straight from the store.  So it's just like getting a really good sale.  Some times they come from  places that rhyme with Target. 

6.  Free extra tip!  Tell people that like to shop, what you are looking for.  Like my MIL.  She knows that I love ribbon, lace and buttons.  She loves to garage sale, and picks stuff up all the time for me!  The lace that I use for my lace collection came from her.

  Hope this gives you a little push to go find some great stuff! 

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