Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crafty little elf update

I thought I'd make it easy for you to look right here and see all of your new awesome options of headbands!  You ready?

These little shabby rosettes are a change-up, but a refreshing change!  They are thin and lay pretty close and flat to the head.  I'm pretty in love.

Ok, I'm in love with these too.  Eyelet flower headbands are so summery and simple.

These are some one-of-a kind bands.  All have vintage lace and shabby flowers.  Some have vintage buttons and some have new.  But they are all made to make you feel special when you put one on.

Do you have a new favorite headband?  Who would you buy one for?

xo  Katie

1 comment:

Pammy said...

Love love love your new headbands!!!!