Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Easy-Peasy Wall Art

So people ask me a lot where I find the treasures that fill my house. They already know the answer but I tell them anyways. Usually Goodwill, thrift stores and estate/garage sales. 

I've been wanting to fill this little odd wall space in our master bath for a while. But just put it on the back burner. Who wants to put something fun where no one will see it? Boringggg.  I do love the white though. :)

So today while at GW (with a GW virgin friend :), I found these two paintinga. I took a little yellow paint I had on hand and gave the frames a quick coat to brighten them up. 
            Before.                   After

Here is where my advanced skills come in.  I'll pass on the yellow thingy.

Here they are on the wall. For less than $9. Original art that hopefully stays on the wall!

Do you go to Goodwill? What do you think is hard about finding things?


sf said...

Well done Katie. Again.

Pammy said...

Awesome find and GREAT redo!!! We need to go shopping SOON