Thursday, July 10, 2014

Little pink desk

Did you know you can sit down to put your make-up on? Yeah. It's pretty pleasant. I did it when I went to visit my love. Pictured here after I put my face on while sitting down. 

So when I got home from visiting, I went on the hunt for a little vanity-type desk/table. 
Did you know that people that post on craigslist don't actually want to sell their stuff? Yeah. Crazy right? They just post it and don't answer their emails. 
So I went to good old GW and found my little friend.  The sewing table.

(Stop spray-painting in the basement! He said)

And we were off. I wanted a dusty rose but Krylon doesn't work like that.  And Im not a patient painter. So light pink it is.
By now you know this is not a photography blog.

I ignored the laundry some more and decorated her. 

Now leave me alone while I put on ma face!

1 comment:

Pammy said...

Craiglist folks don't answer their emails? Lol

Love your newest project!!!! We will have to go on the search when you visit!! Great job!!!!