Thursday, August 14, 2014

My new tattoo and the story of us

Three years ago we lost my grandma.  I think about her every day.
That sounds so cliche.
Which is weird because when she was here, I didn't.  I took for granted that she was here.  But man do I miss her.  In fact, I think I miss her more than is normal. 
But who can gauge that? And since when do I care about normal? 

About a year ago, I started to think about it getting a new tattoo in memory of her.  I wanted one of memory, beauty and the comfort of closeness.  Maybe something that just we shared. 

She always called me Angel Katie.  And I'd always say "you just think what you want Grandma" or "if you only knew".  She'd just laugh and say you always will be my Angel. 

That's what it would be. The word Angel.  In her handwriting. 

But I couldn't find that in writing anywhere. 

Grandma always wrote very detailed descriptions on the back of photographs.  Name, date, age, description of the even.  Sometimes she would even write it on the front of the picture, if it was a long time ago. 

But I was missing a box of pictures. 
I couldn't find it anywhere and I knew it was in this house. 
I knew I could piece the word together, but wanted the whole word. 

So I stared looking anywhere that had greeting cards.  I know where most things are in the house, but couldn't find that box.
Inside Ella's box of baby cards was one random card.  Angel Katie it said inside.  I started crying so hard.  Like it was just in there for a reason. 

So here we are.  Close at last.  

My all-time favorite picture of her.

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Oh, that's so lovely.