Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Ok.  So let's talk.  You may or may not (but should) know, that Trixiegirl has a new product coming out on September 1.  I'll give you a minute to go put it in your calendar.  In pen. 

I got to thinking about some things the other day.  I have some amazing customers.  They keep coming back.  Which is so crazy to me!  They have watched this brand evolve and become better than it was yesterday. But they do and I like to thank them.  I think about little notes, making each package that gets mailed a little more special. 

This is when I learned about Treat. You can personalize your cards and make them your own on the computer or my fav the app!  I thought this would be a perfect addition for some of my long-time customers.  I can let them know how much I appreciate them but sticking a little thank you in their package.

I ordered some stationary and want to keep them for me!!!!  (Maybe I'll just write myself some little love notes).  So maybe you won't see them in your package after all.  ;)

Go check out Treat, get your calendar and get some cards ordered!  Ah-maz-ing. So many fun options and super cute cards

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