Monday, September 1, 2014

New cowls are here!

I know you don't want to face it, but it's better to be prepared for the seasons ahead.  Here in MN, it's no joke.  The weather can be brutal.  And long.  And cold.  But before that comes fall and time to prepare and feel cute before the "I don't care what I look like phase as long as I'm warm" starts.

Here is the return of the cowl. They are easy.  A circular scarf with no figuring out.  You just pull it over your head and go.  They are super soft and washable. 

Please be gentle with the model.  People like to see what these look like on.  You're welcome.;)

Here are the colors for this year!
This is a beautiful deep brick red. 

 The green is a nice gentle green.  
Not bright, but soft.

 It is a beautiful blue with hints of grey to tone it down.  
This is not a navy. 

Magenta is one of my favs this year.  
So deep and rich.

 Light lime green is how this is best described.  
Soft. Not overwhelming

 Didn't think I would love cream as much as I do.  
It's very princess-like.

The camera doesn't do this one justice.  
One of the colors that looks good on everyone.  
Deep deep teal.

These cowls are croched by me.  Not a machine.  By my hands.  Thank you for always supporting me!  And they are $2 cheaper this year.  ;)

Here is the link.  Don't wait until it's too cold....;)


sf said...

Nicely done Krause.

Pammy said...

The colors are beautiful!!!!!!! Very nice!!!!!!