Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just dye it!

Yup. I dyed my bathing suit. 

I ordered the most beautiful bathing suit for a vacation coming up. This is her.

A little hard to see but it is a beautiful rose color. Also an almost exact match to the color of my skin. Not that my skin is a beautiful rose color. 

That's not good. It just looked like I had ruffled skin.

Oh and it was final sale.
So I googled how to dye a bathing suit. And I'm not the only one!! There was a ton of info on how to fix a screw-up!

Joann's sells this gem called iDye Poly You can't dye polyester. Just doesn't happen. The item just laughs the dye off. Unless you buy this. And I bought 2. 

Follow the simple directions, cross your fingers, and just hope this hot mess idea works. 

It did!

It came out a beautiful hunter green.  Now to get rid of the plastic dye smell. But let's just pretend it smells like the rose color it used to look like. :)


sf said...

So, so crafty.

Pammy said...

You are beyond AMAZING!!!!! That suit is so pretty!!!!!