Monday, September 8, 2014

Time for fall outfit ides!

It's almost time for my very favorite season: fall.  Cozy sweaters, leggings and boots are basically my uniform in the fall and winter.  I can't get enough.  Pair that with coffee and a snugly blanket.  You can find me on the couch for months. (that sounds kinda hermit-ish doesn't it?)

Fall might only last about a week here in MN before you know what comes.  I thought it would be fun to put together some outfit ideas to pair with your Trixiegirl accessories.  These are just ideas.  Just like that Pinterest folder you never go back to.  I really need to look at those!

Weekend Outfit
Everyone has or lives with someone that has a flannel shirt.  I really should have saved the 35 flannels that I had in college.  Pair a flannel/plaid shirt with some comfy jeans, a cream cowl and some booties and you will be comfortable and cute!
Trixiegirl cowl, dailylook shirt, jcrew jeans, ae booties

Dinner Date 
I would wear this any time, but if you are a yoga pants girl (I think that means everyone), this is just a step up.  If you don't want to wear leggings, just wear some stretchy black pants or tights with a black tunic.   Put a long, warm sweater on, pull on some tall boots and top it off with some earrings. Totes Cute. (It's funnier when I say it outloud. Or if I was 9.)
Trixiegirl earrings, Free People sweater, Frye boots, Hue Leggings

Ball Game
I think I'm speaking to 99% of my friends with this one.  If I can't get a hold of a friend, I should just go look at the ball field.  Early morning comfort is key for those girls. I love this coat (my wallet doesn't), cute pants, shoes and the hat all of my friends love to wear.  
I'm so thankful their kids play sports!
Trixiegirl hat, Lululemon jacket, Target pants, New Balance shoes

Casual Outfit
I love this outfit.  I love an army green coat or vest with anything.  It makes boring basic pieces, become a little more interesting.  Pair it with some earrings or a clip and some boots and 
you're good to go!
Anthropologie outfit, Trixiegirl earrings and clip, Frye boots
.So, maybe you aren't ready for fall, but this will get your mind moving!

What is your favorite thing to wear in the fall?

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