Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fill in the blank

Can I first show you what a friend made me?  The letter K with the wood behind it?  I am in love and thought everyone should enjoy it's awesomeness.  Thanks T!

I saw this over here and thought it was a fun idea. Here we go with what's going on.  Let's enjoy the excitement. I have been:
Making : Cowls like crazy
Cooking : loving soup right now 
Drinking : Coffee/chai/water        
Reading: I'm trying to do more. Right now I'm reading #Girlboss.            
Wanting: more Alex and Ani bangles
Looking: for peace                                                         
Playing: Sam Smith
Wasting: time worrying about things I can't control
Sewing: I have a pile of clothes that need sewing done on them.  Aka "Katie's Hackshop"       Wishing: every space in my home was organized
Enjoying: this weather. I love fall
Waiting: for Scandal to be on
Liking: this face spray
Wondering: if I will ever live in the city
Loving: listening to Old Strawberry Shortcake stories being read to me
Hoping: I can see my family and far-away friends soon
Marvelling: off to google "marvell"
Needing: to sleep in
Smelling: chlorine on E's skin
Wearing: way over-sized sweaters, dresses, boots and leggings
Following: every cast member of Scandal on IG
Noticing: my hair is growing really slowly
Knowing: winter is near and I'm nervous
Thinking: about Anniversary date night 
Feeling: balanced
Bookmarking: diy gift ideas on Pinterest
Opening: I still love opening mail
Giggling: at E trying to be sassy with her hands

Give me a few of your!  This took way longer than I thought! Lol

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Pammy said...

Making: prayer shawls and jewelry
Cooking: chicken and bell peppers
Drinking: DECAF coffee and chia
Reading: a book on the Holocaust
Wanting: charms to add to bracelets
Looking: for a great doctor's report after 15 years
Playing: American Kids
Sewing: table runner
Enjoying this weather: of course!
Loving: every single day
Hoping: to see a friend before he has a stem cell transplant
Needing: to sleep at night:))
Loving: Pinterest and you tube tutorials
Appreciating: the love of my life- Katie's daddy!