Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cold weather lip favorites

It seems that I am becoming smarter as the years in MN pass by.  Like gearing up and being prepared for colder weather and winter with my favorite go-to lip favs.  I might do some more of these, but for now let's start with the smacker.

First.  I have bought scrubs, but you can make them for cheaper and IMO, they can taste better. You need to exfoliate your lips.  For this I use:

An empty chapstick tube (I emptied it)

Next grab your:


I have no recipe.  Get a bowl and spoon.  Maybe start with a teaspoon of each.
 I use more sugar than oil.  The coconut oil goes a long way.  
Mix it in a bowl and then fill the tube with the mixture.  
Voala! It's a great scrub and  you can just lick it off. 

Another staple around here is good 'old Aquaphor.  We mostly use this on our lips.
But it's good for any cracked or chapped skin.  I heart Aquaphor.

I also have 6 (because E told me) of these.  But I buy them on sale here.  
And you don't pronounce the L in Salve. But I d...;)

And good ole Bag Balm.  Yes, that's a cow utter on it.  But I use it for my lips.  Moooooo.

What are you favorite lip products for winter? 

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