Saturday, November 1, 2014

Up to my eyeballs

This is what's new. A ton of crocheting and wondering if I will ever have enough 
for my Open House next weekend.  
I will.  
I will have more than enough.
If you can't make it because you don't live near me, 
I will have the same deals online for Sunday only.  :)

So get your holiday list ready.  Wouldn't it feel good to get some items crossed off your list?

My purse always looks like this.  

 Working at my garage sale.

This was next to me.  I made a good dent.  And have some new products for the Open House. :)

A couple of my favorite patterns.  I made a bunch of these cute earrings and other favs of mine. 

An afternoon I wanted hot chocolate.  Not sure what the whipped cream had to do with it.

One very early morning.  I paid for this early morning. I think I might still be paying for it.

Such a fun blog post.  I'll try to do more crochet pics next time. ;)

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Pammy said...

You are amazing and I have always loved your sense of humor!!!! What great products!!!