Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday favorites

Try this. A sleepover + daylight savings = many extra hours for this mom!  It takes a lot for me to lay down for a nap.  I'm raising a little girl just like that.  
She might miss the wind blowing! Who needs sleep!

So how about a few favorite things I've seen this week. 

I acquired a great collection of pink vintage ornaments last year after Christmas.
 I can't wait to put them on display and this is perfect.  I don't have pink in my home decor, so a splash of it will be a little festive.

I would like to thank Anthro for letting me watch this beautiful frock for months and months waiting for a sale. Low and behold it's gone! Not even clearance A-thro?Whahhhh. I just keep looking at it here, on my phone and the over-priced sellers making a buck on Ebay. 

I love this idea!!! I have tried tons of ideas to keep my necklaces from getting tangled. You put your jewels in between two pieces of the heaven-sent Press'n Seal.  I don't care how horribly uncute it looks.  At least you won't have 5 necklaces stuck together with an earring sticking out of the middle.

I love this idea for an advent calender or countdown calender! I'm gonna hit up Goodwill later today to get started looking for Christmas books. My little reader will LOVE this. 
We don't have any big trees that I can get a branch from...but I have friends that do!  Or neighbors....

If you come to my Open House, you will taste this yummy goodness. 
Apple cider + butterscotch schnapps. A little hot toddie to help you shop better. :)

What are you currently pinning? You can follow me here on Pinterest and find all of these ideas there.

Next Sunday I will be having a sale online so you can all get some good deals  It will start after my Open House....stay posted this week for details!

Have a great day!

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Pammy said...

Ohhhh that 'cider' looks yummy:))

Pinning- Ah yes- a few recipes - jewelry DIY- and crocheting!