Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY scrabble picture frame

I posted a pic of me and E on Instagram (I'm Trixiegirlaccessories on Instagram).  It was just of us in the car when we were doing some birthday shopping for the hubs.  I had a friend, Corie, say we should frame it and give it to him.  Well duh!  Thanks Cor.  Because I did!

I printed the pic (well Walgreens did) and picked up a frame at Target.

But because I can't leave things alone,  I thought of this!  I picked out the phrase "we love u" from a Scrabble game that I got at a garage sale in the summer.  I put some hot glue on the back of each letter to glue it to the "tile holder?"  I don't buy Scrabble to play.  I buy Scrabble to craft.

Then I sat the picture up as it would normally stand.  I put a strip of hot glue along the base of the scrabble stand where it met the frame.  Once it dried, I did another strip just to reinforce the glue.

And Voila.  You can do this for anyone!  What a great present.  I think it would make a cute new home present with a picture of someone's new house!
Just look for scrabble games at Goodwill, garage sales or if you don't like either, then you can just borrow a Scrabble game from a neighbor....;)


Anonymous said...

Super cute! I was wondering what happened to my "w"!? I may have to steal this cute crafty idea!

Trixiegirl said...

@Jill Check some pockets over there!

Pammy said...

This is SUPER cute!!! Of course I LOVE the pic!!!