Friday, November 14, 2014

Making traditions

There is such a pressure with family traditions. What do you do? What new traditions do you have with Ella? AHHHH. I don't know and I don't know! We just do what we do and do what we like. 

But I did start one tradition. And if you think about it, it came from being selfish. See I decided I want to decorate the big tree in the living room. The way I want. With burlap and mercury glass and German glitter.

Yes, you've already seen this picture.

For all of the other ornaments, I gave everyone a little tree.
I'm all about giving.
One, two, three like Goldilocks. 
Everyone can put their ornaments on their own tree and they all sit together at the top of the stairs together. Three. Like our family that is perfect to us.
Every year I buy E and Mark a new ornament.  They have a little tree to go on at the top of the stairs.

Time to get real.  The best is the before to this after. 

Get this girl to stop moving so we can get a little picture. Yeah right.

I just carry the trees downstairs after Christmas. Ornaments and all. But every year, we re-ornament the trees. Fluff and ornament. Exhibit A.

We examine everything and talk about when she got things. Who got this for me? When did you get that? Can I have that one?

Mom my tree is leaning. 
Well she changed that and did this. 
A little heavy handed on the bottom Ell.

A little sparse thru the middle...

But as you back away...

It all just falls into place.

What is a tradition that's special to your family?

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