Monday, January 5, 2015

DIY Glitter Deer

Thought I would start doing some more simple DIY projects on the blog.  I 'm always wanting to do DIY projects at home.  I look for simple things to do too. So, I'll try to do one a week!  I have a DIY board on Pinterest, so you can find some of the things I do here.

After I take my Christmas decorations down, I have some empty frames that need filling.  So I looked on Pinterest and found tons of free printables.  Anything you can imagine.  I saw this little guy and thought it would be perfect. But he needed something else

I used a small stolen paint brush from Ella, Tiger Eye glitter (any color you want) from Martha Stewart and Mod Podge (or any glue you have on hand)(not pictured).

Doesn't this look so professional with the child's paintbrush?

I took the glue and just spread a thin layer around the picture. I did want crisp lines so I took a little bit of time on the edges.  A little too much because I had to go back in and add more glue because it started to dry.  Brilliant.


Next take your glitter and shake it all over the picture.  You will have excess, so try to bend the picture and shimmy the glitter around.  You might have to add more glue, but it doesn't matter if it gets mixed up with the glue because it will dry clear.  You might need to shake it off....

Now set it to dry.  
Then hope you have a friend as nice as my sweetie girl Leah and grab the frame her handy hubs made for me.  For her to give me.  You get the driftwood.  I'm done.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Once it's dry, it will look wrinkled at first, but after pressed into the glass, it flattens out. 

Success!  Let me know if you want more of these little DIY's. 
:) Katie


Pammy said...

Yes- keep posting these fun ideas!!

G Johns said...

You rock. Love reading your blog and getting a glimpse of what goes on in that fabulous head of yours!

Trixiegirl said...

Makin my day GJ! I appreciate you reading it! xo

Trixiegirl said...

I'll try! Ty for reading!