Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inspiration-{Peacock Blue Cowl]

Time for an inspiration post.  The inspiration today are items that inspire the color for the peacock blue cowl that is new to Trixiegirl.  When I was looking for yarn colors, I knew this was one I was looking for.  It is one of those colors that looks good on everyone.

Teal cowl, $20 found here

All of the cowls in my shop are made by me.  A lot of places just sell machine-made items that a pumped out without the time and love of a human hand.  Support people, not machines when you have a choice. :)

All of these items can be found on my Pinterest board.



So here she is.  It's the most beautiful teal blue.  
And the softest yarn ever.  Which is good because winter here in MN is 15 months long.

Have a good day
:) Katie

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Pammy said...

What a great color !!!!