Monday, January 12, 2015

DIY-{Chalkboard Paint Pots}

Time for a cheap, easy DIY.  Who has time for more?  Or patience?  Nah.

I mentioned here last week that I wanted to get more plants in the house.  They are supposed to be good for allergies and making the air fresher (I'm so technical).

So here are the victims.

You will also need Chalkboard paint (this can will last you forever), spongy paint brushes and chalk.


 Take you plant, put it in a bowl and whip the plastic pot off.  
Yes, we are painting this little flimsy pot. 

Put one coat of the chalkboard paint on the pot.  Then don't wait 6 hours like you should.  
It's like nail polish. Just put the second coat on.  

Let them dry.


Look at these gems!

Attention professional chalk drawers: look away.
Time to decorate.  Name them, write the watering directions on them, etc.



 Now find a home for your fancy plants!  You don't need to buy pots when you can just paint them. :)

On a little tray in the kitchen


I might have stopped in the dollar spot and found this silver container with rope handles.  
Rope handles people.  swoon.

On the piano

If you are inspired by now being a gardener, 
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What do you think?  Will you try this?
Have a good day!
:) Katie

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